A Fibre of Success

A hardback commemorative publication produced for The Woolmark Company to mark 50 years of successful Australian wool trade with China. 

Australia’s exports to China have risen sharply since 1980, with a series of increases and falls driven by events both within and outside China. As new Chinese designer brands emerge and consumer tastes mature, China’s relationship with Australian Merino wool has grown to encompass luxury, designer and mainstream retail, high-tech processing facilities and, above all else, even higher demand for the world’s pre-eminent natural fibre.

With the country – and its economic and creative output – evolving apace, this year we celebrate more than half a century of a cross-cultural partnership spanning trade, economy and creativity not only by looking back, but more importantly, looking forward to the future of the Merino wool partnership between Australia and China – an age-old fibre and a technologically-advanced manufacturing industry – that is generating ever-increasing benefits for two countries that enjoy a deep creative, cultural and commercial relationship.

With its profound knowledge and experience in the processing of raw fibre, China is set to continue leading consumption of nature’s miracle fibre. In line with the Chinese president’s philosophy, China and Australia are innovating towards a shared future in Australian Merino wool by developing new wool textiles and manufacturing techniques on a breathtaking scale that offers unlimited potential.

July 2018

Global Content & Creative Manager: Mitchell Oakley Smith
Design: Three60