Church Road — Art Initiative Brand Platform and Launch Event

Church Road is known by current consumption poolers as the Grocery commercial hero (Church Road Classic and McDonald Series ranges), whilst TOM remains relatively unknown amongst target Fine Wine consumers. The brief to Semi Permanent was to elevate the consumer perception of Church Road and drive awareness of TOM, taking the brand from homegrown hero to luxury fine wine icon, in line with the new brand positioning of Artistry & Excellence.

In this extensive project, we sought to elevate the desirability of the Church Road brand to luxury status by aligning with a culturally-savvy cohort of fashion, art, and design leaders, influencers and media. Grow brand equity through unique storytelling with the conception and development of the Church Road Art Initiative, an art prize unique to New Zealand. Reinforce Church Road’s storied provenance by partnering with a Hawke’s Bay cultural institution. Build the profile of Chris Scott to give face to the brand and generate a positive, personalised experience for the consumer.

The resultant Church Road Art Initiative represents a commitment by the New Zealand winemaker to support ‘Original Expressions of Artistry’ as a natural extension and parallel of its own winemaking process. Awarded each year to an emerging or mid-career New Zealand artist, the program supports the recipient’s career trajectory through the acquisition of an original piece. Selected in collaboration with partner gallery MTG Hawke’s Bay, the artwork benefaction is something to be shared and enjoyed by the Napier community — a bequest that enriches the cultural vibrancy of the region and solidifies Church Road’s strong ties within its geographical context.

Agency: Semi Permanent
Client: Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Creative Director: Mitchell Oakley Smith