Future State: Festival of Radical Innovation 

Business is being reinvented at a place never seen before. What do business leaders need to consider to be relevant in the fourth industrial revolution? The best people to shed light on the future of business are those defining what it will look like. 

Together with New Zealand’s biggest technology company, Spark, Semi Permanent concepted, curated, designed and produced a multi-platform, multi-year program titled Future State. Comprising a series of high-impact business briefings led by innovators at world-changing companies, Future State brings together New Zealand’s business community with compelling live events and digital content.

Speakers have included senior leaders from Accenture, Adidas, Atlassian, Google, Indigital, Pangaia, Slack, the University of Cambridge and Vice Media. 

Agency: Semi Permanent
Client: Spark Business Lab: 
Creative Director: Mitchell Oakley Smith
Design Director: Mike Souvanthalisith
Creative Strategist: Nicholas Carolan