Maticevski: The Elegant Rebel

Over the past twenty years, Toni Maticevski has built a wide reputation for his unique blend of haute couture craftsmanship and creative innovation to become one of Australia’s leading fashion designers. Tracing the concepts that inform and inspire his collections, and the techniques and processes that underpin them, Maticevski: The Elegant Rebel draws connections between the designer’s collections and projects, demonstrating the unique nature of his practice.

Maticevski: The Elegant Rebel is a visual archive featuring more than 200 images and illustrations, many unpublished, which span his fashion career and reveal the workings of his creative process. With contributions from respected editors, actresses and influencers, fashion lovers and Maticevski fans alike will covet this insightful and inspiring book. Maticevski: The Elegant Rebel is the first publication to explore this talented and respected fashion designer and his ability to defy the perceived boundaries of fashion.

“Fashion lovers assemble – this is one book you’re going to want on that coffee table.” – Vogue

"A must-have for Toni Maticevski fans. A beautiful book." - InStyle

"A stunning visual archive." - Belle

"An insightful and inspiring examination of a designer at the top of his game." - Harper's Bazaar

“The fashion book you’ve been waiting for. An incredible visual archive of ideas.” – Buro 24/7

"A thematic, visual archive, this release is interspersed with endearing anecdotes and commentary from noted fashion fashion editors." - Vogue Living 

“A stunning new tome.” – Grazia

Thames & Hudson
February 2017
ISBN: 9780500500712

Author: Mitchell Oakley Smith
Design: Lyndal Frollano